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Regarding advanced medical care


Advanced medical care as defined by the Minster of Health, Labour, and Welfare is medical treatment that utilizes advanced medical technology, and from the perspective of providing efficient medical care, it is a medical technology subject to evaluation for future implementation in the insurance scheme.
 As advanced medical care is permitted to be used in conjunction with general insured medical care, the advanced medical care portion of medical care costs must be borne by the individual out-of-pocket (not covered by insurance), however insured medical care such as consultation fees, testing fees, drug administration fees, and hospitalization fees are covered by insurance, to reduce the burden of those who undergo such treatment.

1. Continuous subcutaneous injection of octreotide for congenital
hyperinsulinism: efficacy and safety.(Pediatrics)

2. A phase III study comparing interferon-alpha and zidovudine with
watchful waiting for indolent adult T-cell leukemia-lymphoma.(Hematology)