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Greetings from the Hospital Director

Akita University Hospital Director
Tomonori Habuchi

I, Tomonori Habuchi, as Akita University Hospital Director, wish to offer greetings on behalf of the hospital.

Since Akita University Hospital opened its doors in 1970, it has continued to provide high-quality advanced medical treatment, cultivate excellent medical professionals, and conduct research that is shares with the world as the prefecture’s only advanced treatment hospital.

In 2007, the hospital became the central prefectural cancer treatment hospital, in 2012, with the assistance of Akita Prefecture, the Simulated Education Center was completed, in 2013 the Akita Medical Doctor Support Center was established, increasingly strengthening its function as the core and hub medical facility for the citizens of Akita, as well as its educational and research functions.

In the completion of the new hospital wing furthered the redevelopment of the original wing and outpatient wing with plans for completion of the project in 2015.

This redevelopment does not only allow us to provide safe and advanced medical treatment, but it also creates a more comfortable environment for our patients and their families during hospital stays and outpatient treatments.

As the hospital’s facilities are enhanced, in terms of medical care we provide high-quality, advanced medical treatment utilizing organ and bone marrow transplantation, robot-assisted surgery which typifies minimally invasive surgery, multidisciplinary approaches to refractory cancer and other illnesses, and advanced diagnostic imaging technology such as PET-CT scans.

In terms of education we recruit expert staff in the field of medical education, and with the cooperation of the School and Faculty of Medicine, we seek to cultivate excellent, medical professionals full of compassion. The Simulated Education Center, one of the largest in the country, and the Akita Medical Doctor Support Center are dynamic elements in the education we provide.

In research, we cooperate with the Faculty of Medicine to promote advanced medical treatment, and at the same time develop new therapeutic drugs and equipment, as well as develop methods of administering medication and performing surgery with fewer side effects or complications.

At Akita University Hospital, we will continue to carry out our three primary responsibilities of medical care, education, and research while not only providing the citizens of Akita Prefecture, but those of the country as well, with satisfying, high-quality medical treatment. Our doctors, nurses, medical staff, and administrative staff will continue working together toward our mutual objective.

We look forward to the warmth of your continued support and encouragement.