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Philosophy and Objectives

At this hospital, in order to fulfill the above role and meet the medical needs of the people, the following have been established as our philosophy and objectives, and we will strive day and night to achieve them.


  • Provide high-quality and advanced medical care in a safe manner.
  • Cultivate medical professionals with a strong sense of humanity
  • Strive to develop and promote advanced medical care.
  • Fulfill a central role in the community’s medical care.
  • Strive to make international contributions through medicine.

We, the entire staff of Akita University Hospital, will fulfill our mission based on the philosophy of the hospital.


  1. Aim to enhance clinical practice and training as a learning hospital, and cultivate not only excellent doctors, but all medical care workers while maintaining a connection with the community’s medical institutions.

  2. Put ourselves in the positions of our patients and improve medical service based on trusting relationships with the patients aiming to be the hospital of choice for patients.

  3. To improve the community’s overall health, medical, and welfare situations, gain an understanding of the overall situation and cooperate with community’s medical institutions making efforts to provide not only general medical care, but care for intractable diseases and other high-tech medical treatments.

  4. Clarify the etiology of, and develop new diagnostic and treatment methods for diseases problematic for the community and refractory diseases, conduct research to verify the validity and science of existing diagnostic and treatment methods, and present creative research on an international level.

  5. Continue studying throughout one’s life to keep up with the development of medicine and medical care and be able to determine the usefulness of new knowledge and technology, and make efforts to take interest in a wide array of interdisciplinary areas of science.

  6. Take an interest in international affairs, not only to implement advanced knowledge and technology regarding medicine and medical care, but also make efforts to be active globally including providing international medical cooperation to developing countries.

  7. Recognize the importance of using finite resources effectively, increase awareness of hospital management among the entire staff, and make efforts to manage and operate the hospital efficiently incorporating the ingenuity of the hospital staff.

  8. Proactively provide medical information to patients, build solid relationships with patients by sharing medical information between medical care providers and patients, and aim for higher-quality, more open medical care.

  9. Constantly strive to improve education, research, and treatment and operation of the hospital through critical self-evaluation and third-party assessment.

  10. Constantly seek to improve one’s self, gain the trust of patients, and strive to build a bright and meaningful workplace.