The following is a history of Akita University Hospital, including that of its precursor.

Year Event
April 1945 Establishment of Akita Medical School for Women (featuring the University 1st Clinic and 2nd Clinic
April 1947 Akita Medical School for Women burns down in a fire
November 1947 Akita Medical School for Women closes. Establishment of Akita Prefectural Hospital
July 1954 Name is changed to Akita Prefecture Central Hospital
April 1970 Establishment of the Akita University School of Medicine (the first medical school to be established at a national university after WWII)
Akita Prefecture Central Hospital (Senshu-kubotamachi, Akita City) became the substitute university hospital
April 1971 Authority over Akita Prefecture Central Hospital was transferred to the country and inaugurated as the School of Medicine affiliate hospital
(Internal medicine, Surgery, Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Neurology and Psychiatry, Orthopedics, Dermatology and Urology, Ophthalmology, ENT, Radiology, Anesthesiology, 12 departments of Dentistry, Central laboratory, 2 central medical facilities in the central operating division)
May 1972 Internal medicine became Internal Medicine I and Internal Medicine II, Surgery became Surgery I and Surgery II creating 14 medical departments
April 1973 The Dermatology and Urology department is divided into the Dermatology Department and the Urology Department creating 15 medical departments.
September 1976 Moved to a new hospital near the School of Medicine (current hospital) and began treating patients.
October 1976 Internal Medicine III is added creating 16 medical departments.
October 1977 Central Supplying Division was added creating 3 central treatment facilities
October 1977 Central Radiology Department was adding creating 4 central treatment facilities
October 1978 Neurosurgery Department is added creating 17 medical departments
April 1981 Intensive Care Unit was added creating 5 central treatment facilities
April 1984 Cardiovascular Surgery Department was added creating 18 medical departments
April 1986 Division of Emergency Medicine was added creating 6 central treatment facilities
April 1991 Blood transfusion division was added creating 7 central treatment facilities
January 1994 Recognized as an Advanced Treatment Hospital
June 1994 Geriatric Department added creating 19 medical departments
May 1996 Pediatric Surgery Department added creating 20 medical departments
April 1998 Physical Therapy unit added creating 8 central treatment facilities
April 2001 Division of Medical Informatic added creating 9 central treatment facilities
April 2003 Blood Purification Division added creating 10 central treatment facilities
May 2005 Obtained ISO9001:2000
January 2007 Designated as a Prefectural Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment hospital
June 2007 Recipient of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications’ u-Japan Grand Prize.
April 2009 Rehabilitation Medicine Department, Palliative Care Center, Nutritional Management Division, Medical Safety Management Division, Division of Infection Control and Prevention added
September 2009 Completion of 2nd wing. Endoscopy and Ultrasonography Center added. Departments are reorganized by organ and function.
November 2009 Liver Disease Consultation Center added
April 2010 Oncology Department and Emergency Medicine Department added
March 2011 The hospital’s response to the Great East Japan Earthquake
January 2012 Simulated Education Center completed
April 2013 Medical Doctor Support Center, Kidney Disease Advanced Medical Care Center added
May 2014 Heliport, multilevel parking garage operation starts
September 2014 Clinical Pathology Department added
October 2014 Postgraduate Clinical Training Center, Career Support Center for Doctors, and the Medical Doctor Support Center were integrated to establish the Comprehensive Clinical Education Training Center
April 2015 The Clinical Trial Management Center was reorganized into the Clinical Research Support Center, and the Consultation Support Center was reorganized into the Regional Medical Patient Support Center