Outpatient Guidance

Reception Hours

New and returning patients 8:30 a.m. – 10:30 a.m.(except appointments)
Kanpo clinic only 1:30 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Irregular Closing information

Outpatient Departments and Consultation Schedule

*Holidays…Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays, and year-end/beginning holidays (December 29 – January 3)
*The department opening time for consultations is displayed at each department’s reception desk. Please note these hours are subject to change due to surgery or rounds.
*An appointment system is employed for returning patients.
*The departments are subject to closure due to circumstances, please inquire within.

Outpatient Department First-time patients at this hospital Patients returning to this hospital
(Liver, Gallbladder, Pancreas)
M - F M - F
(Gastrointestinal, Esophageal)
M - F M - F
Neurology M, Tu, F M – F
(*W, Th appointment only)
Cardiovascular Medicine M - F M - F
Respiratory Medicine M - F
Hematology M, Th
Nephrology M - F
Rheumatology M - F
Diabetes and Endocrinology M, Tu, Th, F
Geriatric Medicine
(*Thyroid Clinic: Wed. only)
M, Tu, Th, F
Gastroenterological Surgery Tu, F M - F
Respiratory Surgery Tu
(PM by appt. only)
Esophageal Surgery Th Th
Breast and Endocrinologic Surgery M, F M, F
Cardiovascular Surgery Tu
(PM by appt. only)
(*Th & F by appt.only)
Neurosurgery M - F M - F
Pediatric Surgery M, Tu, W, F M, Tu, W, F
Pediatrics M – F
(Specialty clinics are through appt. only)
M – F
Obstetrics & Gynecology (Obstetrics) M – W M, Tu, W, F
(Gynecologic Oncology) M, W, ThM, Tu, Th, F
(Reproductive Endocrinology) Tu – ThM – F
Psychiatry M - F M - F
Psychosomatic Division M, Tu, Th, F M, Tu, Th, F
Orthopedic Surgery M - F M - F
Dermatology (Dermatology) M - F M - F
(Plastic Surgery) M, WM, Tu, W, F
Urology(Division of Blood Purification) M - F M - F
Ophthalmology M, W, F M, W, F
(*Tu & Th by appt. only)
Otorhinolaryngology Tu, Th, F Tu, Th, F
 (*M & W by appt. only)
Diagnostic Radiology (Diagnostic Radiology) M- M - F
(Isotope Therapy) M (AM), Th (PM)
(by appt. only)
M (AM), Th (PM)
(by appt. only)
Radiation Oncology M, W, Th M, W, Th, F
(by appt. only)
Anesthesiology (Pain Clinic) W, Th W, Th
Rehabilitation Medicine M – F M - F
Oncology Tu, W
(PM by appt. only)
M - F
Clinical Pathology M – Th
M – Th
Dentistry and Oral Surgery M - F M - F
General Clinical Division M - F M - F
Palliative Care Center M – Th
(by appt. only)
M – Th
(by appt. only)
Kanpo Clinic Tu, F Tu, F